Escape Artists 1- Place, Dates and Times

Escape Artists I by Kathy Parsons

Performance times/dates

Thursday Sept. 9    5:30pm
Friday Sept. 10    6:30pm

Saturday Sept. 11    1:30pm    3:30pm   5:30pm
Sunday Sept. 12    2:30pm       4:30pm   6:30pm

Monday Sept. 13     6:15pm
Tuesday Sept. 14     6:15pm
Wednesday Sept. 15     5:15pm
Thursday Sept. 16     5:15pm
Friday Sept. 17     5:15pm

Saturday Sept. 18        12:00pm    2:00pm   4:00pm  6:00pm
Sunday Sept. 19     1:00pm     3:00pm   5:00pm


The Fire escape: –Corner of Johnston and Old Bridge Street, Granville Island

Location # 43 on Map here

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