Escape Artists – Top Five to SEE – so says The Province

4. Escape Artists I & II

A site-specific smorgasbord of drama, comedy, domestic chores . . . who knows? All performed on various tiers of a fire escape. Rain or shine as there is a Plexiglas roof, too.

Various dates and times (check, at the fire escape on the corner of Johnston and Old Bridge streets, Granville Island.


Escape Artists II – Plank Magazine

Clocking only 30 mins, it’s quite amazing how much emotional and intellectual ground can be covered in the dialogue that’s never too dense but still conveys a range of human experience…

It’s a touching show.  It may be the end of the world as we know it but you’ll feel fine.

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Review – Plank  Magazine on line

“This play is for those who now and then need to lift the heavy veil and let the fresh air circulate.”

Great Review


Vancouver Fringe Festival review: Themes of community and identity struggle to emerge in Escape Artists II


Nice pic in The Courier- headline pic, did we mention?

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TOP FOUR in BCIT’s Link mag

BCIT LINK – go to page 9

Escape Artists I & II
“Two shows. Two Writers. Two Flavours.”
Described as “almost Lady Gaga, it’s a romance novel, but
most importantly it’s an ironing board…,” Escape Artists I
is written and directed by Kathy Parsons, who took home
Global ComedyFest’s best screenplay awards for The
Hitchhiker, and has a cast consisting of Kaitlin Williams
and Joel Stephanson. The site-specific production is all
played out on a fire escape at the Emily Car Institute and
showcases characters and their decision to escape or not.
Escape Artists II is written by Martin Gover and directed
by Joanna Garfinkle who work with a cast that includes
Fanta Sesay (twice featured in the Walking Fish Festival),
Niki Brown, Joel Grinke, and Sarah Gover. Because
this is Vancouver, there will be a plexiglass roof

for the fire escape -so rain is not a problem


Urban Pie – Fringe Preview

preview on page 4

Escape Artists Productions
Venue: a fire escape on Granville Island
I love site-specific shows. Taking
the theatre out of the theatre
guarantees a memorable experience
and these two shows look to be no
exception. Escape Artists I & II (2
different shows, 30-35 minutes
each) take place on a fire escape.
The first show is mainly a comedy;
the second show is a drama with
an age restriction of 18+. The first
show may or may not include an
ironing board. I don’t have any
other information, but what else do
you need? They take place on fire
see as many shows as you can at Fringe – this year the talent at all shows is top class.
Make sure you get the pass if you want to see a few shows save $3.00 a show
Ticket info for all and any shows here- TICKETS