Escape Artists II by Martin Gover

Sept 8 – Sept 19

It was one of those days, then you find out it’s the end of the world. Still look on the bright side, it’s not over till it’s over, who knows what mischief you can get up to before the final curtain.

It’s Thursday, maybe Wednesday, who’s counting, there’s an event coming at you like a Mack Truck,but what the hell – take a break, let go a little – and hey there’s a girl out there on the Fire Escape.

Anyway, it probably wont happen. Have they ever been right before?

From Georgia Stright Review: –

As we perch on the fire escape that serves the parking lot across from the Lafarge cement plant, we watch Liz and Dave anticipate the end of the world. Diffidently, they move towards a personal connection. In a later scene that takes place higher up the fire escape, Gwen and Lisha have apparently survived the apocalypse, but their memories are fragile. Playwright Martin Gover has them free associate, often referring to the media that, it seems, helped to destroy civilization: “I…I/iPod.” Themes of community and identity struggle to emerge.

The Actors

(bios available here)

Niki Brown

Sarah Gover

Joel Grinke

Fanta Sesay

The Director

Joanna Garfinkel

The Writer/Producer

Martin Gover

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Two writers coming out of  The Playwrights Theatre Centre’s Block P Production workshop – put on a show!

Two shows actually. Two writers two flavors, using the same venue. The Fire Escape Stairs on Granville Island.