Escape Artist I by Kathy Parsons

Sept 8 – Sept 19

Everyone wants to escape something and everyone uses different ways to do it.  Come see a bride try to skip out of her wedding ceremony, a man day dream about the promised land while he irons and a woman with her favourite form of escape – a romance novel.

As an audience member, you will also get an opportunity to put in your two cents about your favourite methods of escape and the things you’d like to escape from.

The show’s mostly comedy and we’ll be taking theatre to new heights.

A fire escape.

The Actors:

bios available here

Joel Stephanson

Kaitlin Williams

The Writer/Director /Producer:

Kathy Parsons

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Two writers coming out of  The Playwrights Theatre Centre’s Block P Production workshop – put on a show!

Two shows actually. Two writers two flavors, using the same venue. The Fire Escape Stairs on Granville Island.